A Little Bit Zombie

ALBZ wins Best Feature Film at CFF 2012!

It was a sold out screening last saturday for the Toronto Premier of A Little Bit Zombie. The rush line for tickets was around the block! We were thrilled to have so many people there to share in the laughs.

The best review we’ve read so far comes from Justin Lin over at Soundonsight.org

“ Intentionally illogical, overtly vulgar, and deliciously disgusting, A Little Bit Zombie succeeds because it never takes itself too seriously.”

and “If George A. Romero is your idea of a cinematic god, then Walker and hisA Little Bit Zombie is a showcase of iconoclastic blasphemy.”

The crowd was amazing and the laughter had them rolling in the asiles. But the big surprise for us came at the after party when A Little Bit Zombie won BEST FEATURE FILM of the Canadian Film Festival.

To celebrate, we had cake.

Many more Screenings to come including our Theatrical release coast to coast on May 18th. but more on that later. For now, check out the photos of our cake.



Kristopher and Casey



Casey, Robert Maillet and Richard dig in.

Kris, Kevin Wong (cinematagropher) Mike Mason (editor) and Casey take the first bite!