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My Million Dollar Movie

Hi my name is Casey. I’d like to welcome you to My Million Dollar Movie dot com.

I’m a director of film and television. I’ve put this site together to help realize a dream of mine, and, with the support of people like you, it is already coming true! I strongly believe this is an amazing opportunity so please read on.

So I am going to make a movie.

Unfortunately, movies aren’t cheap and aren’t easy to finance. I’ve developed this concept of democratic fundraising because I don’t know any studio executives or Hollywood power brokers that would help get this made. The process of submitting and financing films through studios and government institutions is also a long one and even though I just turned 31, I’d like to make my film before I’m in my forties!!

“Without the big machine, you can push yourself to tell stories in a way that you normally wouldn’t tell them. With that freedom and lack of pressure, innovators are better positioned to take bigger leaps. ” Gary Winick Producer/Director “Charlotte’s Web”

I knew I had to come up with a more creative way to raise the funds then have a bake sale, donate my body for science or try and find “Angel” investors who would just hand me the money.

I wanted to give the public the opportunity to participate in the process but I wasn’t sure how to go about letting the world know of my plan. I figured that the Internet was the best place to start and that is when I discovered Alex Tew’s brilliant business model for his “Million Dollar Home Page”.

Well I quickly learned that everyone and their grandmother were jumping on this bandwagon. I needed something different.

Then one sleepless night it came to me: sell the frames of the film to the public. So instead of providing a space for pixels I am providing a site where people and companies can purchase frames in which to post video or still images for people to see. And, like the pixel pages, they can link those frames to their own website for further viewing.

Purchasers could not only receive advertising and website traffic for their money, but in the event that the film makes a profit, they would not only have their purchase funds returned, but will be able to select an environmental charity to donate profits to, proportional to the number of frames they’ve purchased .

If you don’t have any video to post or you aren’t a company, you can still buy individual frames, own a piece of my film and help the environment. Now, keeping the planet beautiful can be as easy as going to the movies.

I hope you enjoy your time here and I appreciate any and all support you lend to making this dream come true.

Casey Walker